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Thanks to the close relationships the teachers make with you, it makes the learning experience feel personalized. This allowed me to gather more knowledge, which now in high school I have the opportunity of Honors classes.

~ Conner O'Neal

At First Lutheran,  I received many opportunities to grow in my education and in my faith. First Lutheran prepared me for continuing my education at Largo High School in the ExCEL program, where I was able to take multiple honor and AP classes. I would not have been prepared for those classes if it weren't for the teachers and staff at FLS. I have received a full Volleyball scholarship to Central Maine Community College. I began playing volleyball at FLS with Mrs. Hallsted.  I applied and was accepted to four out of four colleges and have committed to play volleyball and continue my education at Central Maine Community College where I have received a full Volleyball scholarship.

~ Ryleigh Clark

It is amazing here! By far the best school I have ever been to. I used to go here when I was in PreK and Kindergarten and then I left and went to a different school. After bad experiences with the new school I wanted to come back here and I found that I dont like school just because its school but because the last school was awful! This school is much better. I returned to it last year for 6th Grade and I cant wait to go back again next year for 7th. Its great here. The teachers are very nice. They always do special things like movie parties and every year they put on plays. I was the main role in the Christmas play. And should I note its a great place for Christians. We have Chapel every Wendsday and they teach about God and The Holy Bible so much. And I have to admit my grades even increased by a lot after I returned to this school. It is amazing here! I cant wait to go back next year! 

~ Jaden Bush

I am a graduate of FLS along with my son who is currently attending high school. He is in all honors classes and my daughter who currently attends FLS is also an honor-roll student. If you are looking for a school where your child receives 1:1 interactions with teachers and faculty; has large classrooms but smaller class sizes look no further. It's a hidden gem; the values and faith based teachings are what is needed especially today. We love FLS and will be sad once our daughter graduates.

~ Cerese Stephens - Former student and parent

I'm so thankful for First Lutheran! My 3 grandsons love it. Step up for families is accepted as well, It's a nice welcome change from the public school system. Teachers care about each student. The facility has been nicely updated in many areas as well!

~ Grandparent

My child's academic abilities have blossomed through her journey at First Lutheran School. She receives daily Christian teaching which builds her spiritual journey and character. She has a great rapport with all her teachers and thrives in the low student/teacher ratios of classes. The parents and staff have a heartfelt connection with you which makes you want to be involved in the school. Our hearts are saddened by the thought of graduating onto high school, but we truly thank everyone for all that you've done throughout our journey with you. Blessings to you all! 

~ Lory White - Parent

We love FLS! I have had 3 children graduate from FLS and my youngest has been there for 4 years now. I also worked at FLS for about 10 years in various roles. You will never find a move loving environment and dedicated teachers! With everything going on in the world I’m thankful I made the decision to send my kids to a private school where I don’t have to worry about their safety. My kids get educational instruction but also learn about very important life skills and morals (friendships, acceptance, helping, praying, etc.)

~ Keri Nelson

Small class size which allows more individual attention Caring teachers Christian learning environment Sports opportunities are somewhat limited but students have an excellent ability to participate and learn. It wasn’t about winning championships it was about doing their best and sportsmanship, how they treated others I liked that. My boys are not athletes but we’re able to play sports, the small size let them do more than sit and watch, they were encouraged to play! Non pretentious and accepting atmosphere Fair prices with scholarships and funding help available. No regrets having my boys there They participate in the music program and plays which the school does. Both have had leading roles! They started a steam program last year that allows for hands on learning Physical plant upgrades are happening as well as technology

~ Parent / Guardian - September 22, 2022

First Lutheran School provides a safe and nurturing environment for its students. The teachers are committed and compassionate often going the extra mile to help students and their families. There is a great family atmosphere on campus and students are taught compassion and empathy for their classmates. There is a strong emphasis on academics as well as music and art.

~ Parent / Guardian - September 19, 2022

First Lutheran is near and dear to my heart. I have attended, as well as my children. I have always been treated fairly, even if I wasn't happy about a specific issue. The faculty is always willing to go above and beyond to help their students learn. My children are doing very well academically and socially based on their experience at FLS. The preschool has a very loving environment where the kiddos know Jesus' love for them. The elementary grades are very busy learning things in a variety of ways - field trips, hands on experiments, using Chromebooks, etc. This is a place where you feel like family and make life long friends along the way.

~ Parent / Guardian

My son transferred from a public school to First Lutheran. I immediately noticed the difference between public and private education. With smaller classrooms my son had more interaction with teachers which was important to us. The curriculum was challenging just what my son needed and he thrived. Overall I would highly recommend this school  

~ Parent / Guardian - March 21, 2022